2. Give exact time of accident date day and hour. 3. Under Location of Accident show sufficient information to locate exact scene of the accident. PERSONAL REPORT OF ACCIDENT This form should be completed when a traffic accident occurs and a law enforcement officer is not called to make a report. ROAD ACCIDENT OCURRED ON Give name of street or highway number U.S. or State. If no highway number identify by name. L O C A T I N V E H S Space for any third vehicle on reverse side. Total involved...
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Who needs a Personal Report of Accident?

This form of Personal Report of Accident should be completed by anyone who was involved in a traffic accident in which a law enforcement officer was not called to make a report. This report is for your personal use and should not be mailed to the Department of Driver Services, as it will be destroyed upon receipt.

What is the Personal Report of Accident for?

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, a crash report should be filled out. Even if it is not required by law, a crash report should be filled out for a variety of reasons. For one, it  helps facilitate the claims process with your auto insurance company. The report makes it easier to determine fault and accident details, meaning a quicker payout on your claim. If you accident escalates into a court case, a copy of the report will be needed.

Is the Personal Report of Accident accompanied by other forms?

In most cases, the crash report alone serves as the sole and primary record.

When is the Personal Report of Accident due?

Deadlines for filing accident reports vary among different states. You may be required to submit your report within a matter of hours or you may have several weeks.

How do I fill out the Personal Report of Accident?

The following information should be provided in order to complete the form:

  • All available information on the location where the accident took place;

  • Complete information on the vehicles that were involved in the accident including the description of the damaged received;

  • Information on pedestrians involved in the accident;

  • Description of what happened.

Where do I send the Personal Report of Accident?

Once completed and signed, this form can be directed to officials or to any other party whom it may concern.

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